dinsdag 28 juli 2015

Alpha & Delta AD01

The AD01 by Alpha & Delta. Lend Me Ur Ears is a well regarded IEM (in-ear monitor)/headphone store in Singapore. The Alpha & Delta AD01 is LMUE's first attempt at making an IEM.

The big idea behind the AD01 is it's modular design. The drivers & cables are easy replaceable. Right now the stock and upgrade cable are for sale as well as the black drivers. The silver driver is not for sale yet.

The headphones are delivered in a jewellery like box. The packaging is tasteful with just the Alpha & Delta logo printed on it. A transparant sticker tells us that this is the AD01. There is no information printed on the box nor on a specsheet. Supplied along with the AD01's are 1 pair of foam tips, 3 pairs of biflange tips, 6 pairs of silicon tips of various sizes, 1 hard case. I did not get the ear guides as advertised by Alpha & Delta, I don't know whether this happened just in my case or that this is a mistake on the website. I would have loved to see a shirt clip being supplied with the AD01.

These are duel dynamic IEM's. Which means that eas earpiece holds 2 drivers, 9.8mm and 6.0mm, for producing sound. The AD01's are heavier than they seem, but are in no way heavy. The construction is very solid. The AD01's feel comfortable in my ear. It is hard to distinguish left and right without optimal light, better marked cables would have been a nice addition.

As for the sound, I have used my mobile phone, the HTC One M8, and my amplifier, the Harman/Kardon HK990 with Tidal (FLAC) as a source. The review was done using the upgrade cable.

The sound quality on the AD01's is excellent. The AD01's have a slight v-shaped sound, a bass and treble emphasis. However it's sound signature is clearly bass biased. The bass is deep but does not get boomy. It's well extended and rather dry. The mid range is slightly recessed, on some tracks the vocals seem to have a slight veil in front of them. This effect is minimal, but it is noticeable. The treble seems spot on, I have had no issues with siblance or fatiguing. The headphones are easy to drive, I have enough of headroom left on my mobile phone.

The AD01's are priced at around € 85,- (about $ 100.-). There is some strong competition in that price range however I can easily recommend the AD01's to everyone that is looking for a top-notch IEM.